7 Ways to Recycle an Old Skateboard (A Freedare Advocacy)

7 Ways to Recycle an Old Skateboard (A Freedare Advocacy)


It seems like every kid on the block has a skateboard these days. But what happens when your old, worn-out board is finally ready to be tossed in the trash? What if that old, beat-up, broken board was worth something? What if, instead of throwing it away, you could repurpose it and use it around the house or office?

That's what you can do with an old skateboard. There are many options, and reusing an old board can be fun and profitable if you know how to do it. This article will walk you through seven different ways to reuse an old skateboard. So, let's get started!

Freedare's Advocacy 

Freedare recognizes the importance of recycling and reusing. Our company encourages its customers to recycle their skateboards. We also encourage them to use renewable energy sources to cut down on waste, protect the environment, and save resources.

Recycling is a great way to cut waste and protect the environment. We hope our customers will join us in our efforts to protect our environment and promote sustainable living. 

Some of the reasons why you should recycle your old skateboards are as follows:

Saves Trees:

Skateboarding has become a popular recreational activity for kids and adults alike. As such, many trees have been felled worldwide to make way for skate parks. Recycling your old skateboard saves trees, reduces the need to cut down trees, and encourages tree planting.

Reduces Landfill Waste:

Another good reason to recycle your old skateboard is that it reduces the amount of waste going into landfills. Recycled skateboards are turned into new products like lumber, playground equipment, and deck pads. All this helps reduce landfill waste, save natural resources, and reduce pollution.

Reduce Air and Water Pollution:

When old skateboards are recycled, they are separated into pieces and reused for many other products. This helps reduce solid waste and air and water pollution, thus preserving the environment. 

Reduce Emissions of Greenhouse Gases:

By recycling old skateboards, you are also saving the earth from greenhouse gas emissions. How? Instead of burning them, the plastic and wood are separated from the metal and glass on the wheels. Then these materials are used for other products such as furniture, toys, deck pads, and even new skateboards. All of this helps reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Seven Ways to Recycle an Old Skateboard

You may have seen that skateboarding is a trendy sport today. Why not? Skateboarding is both fun and good for you. It is one of the most effective forms of exercise for staying fit and toning your muscles. If you are planning to buy one, you must first learn how to choose the right skateboard

Choosing the right size for your skateboard, trucks, and wheels is critical to getting the most out of them. The sizes range from standard-sized skateboards that are easy to control to large and longboards that you can use on the street.

But what should you do with an old skateboard you no longer want to use? If you are like many other skateboarders, you probably have a couple of them lying around in your garage or shed. Instead of throwing them away, you can either find a recycling shop and sell the boards or recycle them yourself.  

Here are seven ways to recycle old skateboards if you choose the DIY recycling route.

1. Turn it into a side table

You can easily transform an old skateboard into a small table that you can place beside a sofa or a chair.


This DIY project couldn't be easier. You only need to install four metal legs with rubber feet, paint them, dry them, and you're done.

A wall or piece of art that reminds you of happy times together will always be a family heirloom.

2. Turn it into a restroom decor or soap and tissue holder


To recycle your old skateboard, attach a soap and tissue holder to it, and place it on the bathroom wall. Drill some holes through the board to install the holders. Use high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum. You can even repaint or varnish the board to match the colour of your bathroom

3. Hang your clothes with it


You can use a recycled skateboard to keep your room organized. Several polyurethane wheels can be attached to the skateboard deck. And you can install them vertically or horizontally on your bedroom wall and use them to hang clothes, caps, or other items. 

4. Turn the board into a living room light fixture

if you wanna get glow in the dark skateboard when you skateboard at night, you can choose our led skateboard wheels(We provide led skateboard wheels in two sizes, 54mm, and 58mm). The LED lights embedded in the wheels create a stunning and eye-catching effect that will turn heads wherever you go; If you want to make a skateboard idea product that glows at night, making a skateboard light might be a good idea.

Replacing the four urethane wheels with a light bulb would be an option if you wanted to create a light fixture out of the board and hang it on your ceiling. Or, you can suspend 5 to 6 LED bulbs from the board and hang them above your dining table. 


If you have a gaming room, use velcro to stick a strip of LED light beads at the back of the deck and fix the skateboard to the wall of your gaming room. It would look great with the RGB lights in your game room. 

5. Add the wheels to an analogue clock face

If you have spare skateboard wheels, you can install them on the front of a clock to create a unique face.


Create your DIY wall clock using a cut from a tree trunk, drill holes around the clock face, and use wood screws to attach the wheel mechanism. You'll be able to create an eye-catching wall clock in no time!

6. Turn the boards into shoe cabinets/organizer


Use metal rods to hold the three skateboards together. For stability, add a leg bracket at the bottom of the last board to allow the shelf to stand on its own. This bookshelf is sturdy and large enough to hold several pairs of shoes or sandals, and it’s it can even organize your books, magazines, figurines, etc.

7. Make a dog dish stand out of your old board

If you've got a skateboard, you can use it to create a stylish yet functional dog dish stand. Make two dish-sized holes in the board and place the dish on top. The best way to stop the dish stand from sliding around while your dog eats is to install DIY feet made from wood, metal, or stainless steel. 


People's growing concern and awareness about environmental issues made recycling a necessary movement. But most of us need to recycle more because we need to learn how to dispose of the things we no longer have a use for.

We at Freedare are strong advocates of recycling and sustainability. We aim to encourage more people to adopt eco-friendly practices. This list can help you get started and inspire you as you recycle. 

We hope this list has given you some ideas for becoming more eco-friendly. If it has, let us know how you recycled your old skateboard and its accessories; we might even feature them in our next post!

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