Skate in Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Wide Skate Shoes for Beginners

Hey there, wide-footed skate enthusiasts! 🛹 Are you tired of cramming your feet into narrow skate shoes that just don't fit right? We feel your pain! Trust us; we know how frustrating it can be when your pinky toe gets squished, and you're left with blisters or worse. 😣 You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for style or performance.

It's pretty wild how skateboard shoe designs keep getting slimmer and slimmer, right? Sure, this trend has a few perks, like cutting down production costs and giving off that sleek, stylish vibe. But let's be real – this isn't the best news for everyone, especially our wide-footed skateboarding buddies! 🦶🛹✨

But don't worry – we've got your back (and feet)! We've scoured the market and tested various skate shoes to find the best options for those with wider feet. So, buckle up and prepare to discover some awesome wide skate shoes that will keep your feet comfy, supported, and stylish while you shred the streets. 👟🔥

Let's dive into our top recommendations and helpful tips for finding the perfect wide skate shoes that cater to your unique needs. Say goodbye to pinched toes and hello to happy, well-supported feet! 😄👍

Top Picks for Spacious Skate Shoes

1.New Balance Numeric Jamie Foy 306: Built for Impact and Stability

The New Balance Numeric Jamie Foy 306 is a vulcanized shoe created in collaboration with Jamie Foy, the 2018 Skater of the Year. Designed for those who crave stability and impact resistance, it's no wonder the 306 has made our list of wide skate shoes. 

Let's explore the three features that make this shoe stand out for our wide-footed friends:

Roomy Design Elements

This shoe boasts a visibly wider toe box area, while the rear of the shoe is broader thanks to added padding. These design choices set it apart from the slim profiles of other skate shoes.


Unique "Abzorb" Insole

The 306 is equipped with an "Abzorb" insole, offering differing levels of thickness for optimal performance. While the ball and toe area insole is relatively thin (perfect for turning skills), the heel area is thicker and soft enough to absorb the impact of jumping from big stairs and rails.  

Durable Construction for Longevity

Constructed with suede around the toe and heel, these shoes offer better protection than canvas alternatives. They also have a plastic layer running around the toe cap, similar to Vans' DuraCap layer, providing extra protection once you wear it through the suede.


One thing to remember is that some users have reported feeling a thinner insole at the ball of the foot, which may not offer as much protection when jumping from greater heights. However, this contributes to a heightened board feel, which some skaters appreciate.

Overall, the New Balance Numeric Jamie Foy 306 is a fantastic choice for wide-footed skaters seeking comfort, style, and durability. Consider going half a size up for a perfect fit! 😊👌

2.Vans Rowan Pro

Vans Rowan Pro series is the amazing result of a collaboration between skater Rowan Zorilla and the Vans company! 😎🛹 You might be surprised to find out that, despite its slender appearance, it's actually an excellent fit for skaters with wide feet. Talk about a perfect match! 😲👌

Let's dive into some of the Vans Rowan Pro's fantastic features:

  • The upper has triple-stitched pieces around the toe, known as the DuraCap. Trust us, it's as durable as it sounds! 💪vans-rowan-pro-duracap
  • While the sole might be thin, it features Vans' innovative "PopCush" cushioning technology, which offers both flexibility and extra padding – a true game-changer! 🤯👟
  • The centering strap on the tongue stays put and helps provide that much-desired locked-in feel. No more annoying tongue slippage! 🎉
  • So, if you're on the hunt for a skate shoe that's perfect for wide feet, you've got to give the Vans Rowan Pro a try! Skaters everywhere are raving about it, and we think you will, too! 🌟🔥

3.Es Swift 1.5: The Perfect Skate Shoe for Wide Feet 🛹

At first glance, you might think the Es Swift 1.5 isn't quite the right fit for wide-footed skaters, but oh boy, you're in for a pleasant surprise! After just a day or so, these shoes adapt like a dream, offering a comfy, snug fit even for those with wider feet. 😮

As a cup sole shoe, the Es Swift 1.5 is a tad stiffer than your typical vulcanized options, but fear not! They loosen up quickly, providing a comfy and flexible feel in no time. 😉👟

Here's what you can expect from the Es Swift 1.5:

Adaptive Fit

You'll be amazed at how the sides of the shoe expand to accommodate wide feet, delivering a comfortable and secure fit after a short break-in period.

Elastic Tongue

This handy feature keeps the tongue centered and in place, so you'll always have a solid fit without needing to lace up too tight.



Teardrop Toe Cap

Say goodbye to torn bottom laces! The teardrop toe cap protects them from damage, enhancing durability.

Grippy Sole

The sole pattern ensures excellent grip on all kinds of road surfaces, so you can skate confidently. 🛣️

Inside Lacing System

Hidden beneath the regular eyelets, this genius feature keeps your laces intact throughout your skate sessions. Talk about a lifesaver! 🙌

Could the Es Swift 1.5 be the perfect skate shoe for wide feet? It certainly has a lot going for it! With its unique features and incredible adaptability, we highly recommend the Es Swift 1.5 to any skateboarder searching for a reliable and accommodating shoe. 🛹👍

So go ahead and give the Es Swift 1.5 a try – your feet will thank you! 😄



How to Adjust the Shoes You Already Have to Fit Your Wide Feet

So, you've got a pair of skate shoes you absolutely love, but they're not exactly a perfect fit for your wide feet? No worries! 😄 I've been in the same boat, and I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to make those shoes fit like a glove. 🧤👣

Adjust the Shoelaces 🛠️👟

One of the easiest ways to make your shoes more comfortable for wide feet is by adjusting how you lace them up. Believe it or not, there are specific lacing techniques for skateboarders with wide feet! I tried these methods, and they made a world of difference to me:

The Wide Feet Lacing:I lace my shoes up so they're looser near the toe box and tighter near the top. This gives my feet more room to breathe at the front while still keeping them secure. 🤗


(Screenshot from "wide-forefoot lacing" from Ian's Shoelace Site

Ian's Shoelace Site is the perfect resource for anyone looking to take their shoelace tying game to the next level! With an extensive collection of pictures, tutorials, and videos, this site offers a wealth of knowledge on different tying schemes according to the number of oblique holes. Not only are there clear and dynamic demos, but you'll also find personal anecdotes that make this site even more enjoyable to use. As someone who loves trying out new shoelace patterns, I can confidently say that Ian's Shoelace Site is my go-to for all things shoelace related! 

The Gap Lacing:This technique involves skipping a few eyelets in the middle section of your shoe, creating a "gap." This allows the shoe to expand more in the middle area where your foot is widest. It's a total game-changer! 🧠💡


The Diagonal Lacing:Instead of lacing my shoes in the traditional criss-cross pattern, I lace them diagonally. This method reduces pressure on the top of my foot, making my shoes way more comfortable overall. ✨


The Parallel Lacing:This method involves lacing your shoes with two parallel lines instead of the usual criss-cross pattern. This reduces pressure on the top of your foot and allows for more flexibility in the toe box. 🏃‍♂️👟

Remember, when trying these lacing methods, give your feet time to adjust! It might feel a bit odd at first, but trust me; it's worth it! 😌👍

With these tips and tricks, you'll be well on your way to making your existing skate shoes fit like a dream. 👟💖 Now, go out there and skate your heart out, knowing your feet are comfy and well-supported! 🛹💨


The Freezer Method ❄️👟

Want to give your shoes a little more room to stretch? Try this cool (literally!) trick: place a ziplock bag inside your shoe, fill it with water, and seal it tight. To ensure the water expands in the right direction, you can use spare wheels or other objects to push the bag toward the front part of the shoe. Now, put your shoe in the freezer and leave it overnight or for about 18 hours. The water will freeze, expand, and stretch your shoe. Repeat this process 3 times, and your shoes should fit much better! 🌬️👌

Use a Shoe Spreader 🦶🔧

A shoe spreader can be a lifesaver when stretching out your skate shoes. It's especially effective when your shoes are still sweaty after a skate session. Simply insert the spreader into your shoe and adjust it to the desired width. As the shoes dry, they'll retain the expanded shape, giving your wide feet the space they need! 🛠️👟

With these tips and tricks, you'll be well on making your existing skate shoes fit like a dream. 👟💖 Now, go out there and skate your heart out, knowing your feet are comfy and well-supported! 🛹💨



Wrapping up, we've dived into some awesome skate shoe choices for our wide-footed friends, like the rad Adidas Busenitz, Vans Rowen Pro, and Es Swift 1.5, not to mention the nifty tricks to tweak your kicks for a perfect fit. Keep in mind, discovering the ideal skate shoe is a journey of trial and error, so don't be afraid to experiment with different shoes and techniques until you find the ultimate combo for your one-of-a-kind feet. A snug shoe can totally elevate your skating game and help you dodge nasty injuries. 

So, own those wide feet like a boss, because they're just another part of what makes you a unique skater. As you roll through the streets with poise and flair, you'll show the world that wide feet are a true power player in skateboarding. Have a blast shredding, and let your wide feet carry you to new skateboarding heights! 🛹💨✌️

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