60mm Longboard Wheels with Bearings (SET OF 4)


$19.99 $21.99

  • The size of wheel is 60mm (diameter) X 45mm (width). The bearing is 22mm X 8mm, which have been installed on wheels.
  • The 60mm wheels are suitable for beginners when playing penny board or cruising. It can be using all ground, ramps, sidewalk, smooth concrete or asphalt.
  • FREEDARE skateboard wheels with bearings are 60mm 83A polyurethane material.
  • 83A hardness PU material is perfect durable, stable, quiet. It slides fast and smooth, it also features a grippy edge that helps going downhill.
  • The wheels are better for PU material,it rides fast and smooth,you can go over small road pebbles with ease.